Health and Safety

Dental Therapist

Our dental therapists now work from a mobile clinic and visit for a period of up to six weeks each year.



Children are required to wear hats and sunscreen, particularly in Terms 1 & 4.

Please help your children with this by supplying a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen.

Children without hats will be directed to a shaded area.


Public Health Nurse

The nurse visits the school regularly to check children referred by their teachers or concerned parents.


Hearing and Vision testing

All five year olds have their ears and eyes tested by a Hearing and Vision nurse. Other children may be tested where there is a concern.


Unfortunately these unwelcome creatures surface every now and again at most schools and ours is no exception. If you discover that your children have headlice, please let the class teacher know and treat your children’s hair before sending them back to school.