I am writing this from Vietnam. Yesterday we travelled from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Phnom Pehn which is also in Cambodia. It was a long 7 hour bus trip which was very dusty and bumpy. Today we caught another bus from Phnom Pehn to Ho Chi Mihn City in Vietnam. It was another long day. It is very sad to see the way children have to beg for food and live in some very difficult conditions. It makes Ruakaka School a mansion and we should feel very thankful for the wonderful place we come to work and learn every day. We are in Vietnam for 2days and then on Monday we have to fly to Singapore where we are catching a 12 hour flight to Rome. It is going to be a very long time to sit in a plane. I hope I can get some sleep. We are very tired but seeing and learning so much about so many different countries. I hope you are all still working hard. I loved the start you have made to the new mural that was on the front of the last newsletter. Well done. I. Can’t wait to see it finished.