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Winter Sports

Ruakaka School is going to Winter Sports.  There are 8 teams going. The teams are: soccer, rugby, netball, hockey and mini ball. Hopefully, Ruakaka will win.  

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Winter Sports

Here at Ruakaka School,  Rooms 3, 4 and 5 have been gearing up for winter sports on Thursday the 13th September 2012. Lots of children are enjoying getting ready doing their sports, while the sun is [...]

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At Ruakaka school we have one rooster, and about three chickens. Some chickens like to run around on the Ruakaka school's back field. Today one of our chickens laid four eggs. We love our chickens. [...]

By |19th September 2012|Community|1 Comment

Sandpit Toys

We like playing with sandpit toys. The trucks are the best. By Tarquien Room 8

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We've got the best sandpit ever. The best toys in the world and the greatest bridge built yet. "The plants are growing great," say all of the kids.  "We kids love it!" BY ANGUS ROOM [...]

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Awesome Sandpit

We have a new sandpit. It has a bridge and it has steps. By Lily in Room 8.

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Citrus Grove Suprises Children

Terry-Jack, Tama, Rhys and Mrs Hay have planted some lovely lemon trees and some orange trees too. The citrus trees have been planted on the dirt by the tunnels and by the senior play ground. [...]

By |13th August 2012|News|1 Comment

We've got chickens that are laying. The chicken coop has a fence, and it's got a house. There's a tree to make shade for the chickens. We've got 7 chickens. We've got the best chickens.They have [...]

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School Newsletters – Term 3 2012

Please find below links to our school newsletters for this Term. As they are PDF files,  if you do not already have Adobe Reader please click here to download this free software (this is required [...]

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Wet Fields Too Muddy to Play On

At Ruakaka School, lots of children have been kept off muddy and wet fields for nearly 2 weeks. It has not been fun not being allowed on the field because it is really muddy and [...]

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