Bilingual Education, Mātauranga Reorua

At Ruakākā School we are proud to provide an educational pathway in Māori medium for whānau that wish to support their tamariki in developing and extending their knowledge of Te Reo me ōna tikanga. We currently have a Māori bilingual unit, with two Rumaki Reo classes and two bilingual classes called ‘Te Whānau Harakeke’. These classes cater for tamariki from Year 0 to Year 6. To recognise the special character of Te Whānau Harakeke, we support them in their journey of developing a marau-ā–kura (a localised curriculum developed to cater specifically to the learners within Te Whānau Harakeke) as part of our Ruakākā School Curriculum.

Our first bilingual class was established in 2013, and has since grown to include 4 classes. The names for the unit and the classes, are symbolic of a metaphor that likens the harakeke plant to a child’s learning journey while also acknowledging our close links to our local iwi, Patuharakeke.