Your children will be put on a bus roll when they are enrolled at school. These rolls are checked daily before the bus leaves. If your child is not travelling home in the usual manner, please notify the school before 2.15pm or sign your child out at the office.

All children sign a bus contract each year. Please click below to download a copy of the bus contract form.

Bus Contract Form

Services run in conjunction with Bream Bay College and extend to:

  • Springfield

  • Oakleigh

  • Ruakaka Beach

  • Along Marsden Point Road and into Ruakaka Village

Some Bus Rules

  • No food or drink to be consumed on the bus

  • No kneeling or standing on seats

  • Pupils are to remain in their seats whilst the bus is moving

  • No rubbish is to be thrown around the bus or out the windows

  • No swearing or excessive noise

  • Sports equipment needs to be stored under the seat

  • Pupils must get off only at their regular stop unless prior arrangements have been made with school bus controller

  • Students who misbehave will face disciplinary action, which may include being removed from the bus for a specified time

  • A pupil cannot be removed from the bus en-route