Show Day 17 October 2014

Remember to send your child along to school with all the bits and pieces that they need to create their work for Show Day on Friday 17 October. Lamb, Calf and Goat judging to start [...]

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Bike Track!

Thanks to funding from the School Support Group we have been able to put in our bike track. The bike track is now complete, it looks amazing and is ready to go on launch day [...]

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New Helmet for Everyone!

  On the 24 February,  Stu Bell from Bikes in Schools visited our School to present and fit helmets for all children. Each helmet is named with the child's name and have been generously donated [...]

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Sandpit Toys

We like playing with sandpit toys. The trucks are the best. By Tarquien Room 8

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We've got the best sandpit ever. The best toys in the world and the greatest bridge built yet. "The plants are growing great," say all of the kids.  "We kids love it!" BY ANGUS ROOM [...]

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We've got chickens that are laying. The chicken coop has a fence, and it's got a house. There's a tree to make shade for the chickens. We've got 7 chickens. We've got the best chickens.They have [...]

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Olives at Ruakaka School

Many hands make light work The Senior Syndicate of Ruakaka School went olive picking on Thursday the 3rd of May. Lynda Swanson has kindly donated her trees to Ruakaka School, and she helped to [...]

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