Ruakākā School, as appropriate to its community, will develop procedures and practices that reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of the Māori culture.

In recognising the unique position of Māori, Ruakākā School will take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in Tikanga Māori (Māori culture) and Te Reo Māori (Māori language) for all students.

To achieve this, the school will:

  • Use local resource people
  • Consult regularly with the Māori community
  • Employ a Kai arahi (te reo teacher) to teach each class for one session per week – staff will follow this up each week.
  • Provide an Extension Group in Te Reo.
  • Explore the use of Māori signage
  • Use everyday greetings from the Māori language.
  • Continue the school kapa haka group
  • Incorporate the use of Māori protocols and Māori language into formal school ceremonies.
  • Hold powhiri for all newly enrolled children at least 3 times during the year
  • Allow for the employment of a kai arahi and a kapa haka tutor in the annual budget, plus resources to support Māori Language programmes in classrooms.

Children should:

  • Be accepting of other cultures and differences
  • Value each others heritage, culture and people
  • Reflect the nature of multiculturalism in classroom activities
  • Be involved in Tikanga Māori activities within the school setting

Our vision is for staff to be committed individuals who are dedicated to improving the achievement of our Māori children in the following ways:

  • They care for and respect our children
  • They take ownership for the performance of our children by establishing high expectations
  • They create a secure, safe and well-managed learning environment
  • They engage in effective teaching interactions which recognise, celebrate and indulge in the diversity of the cultures within the class
  • They use effective strategies to promote and sustain change
  • They promote and monitor sound educational outcomes for every child.


Te Reo Programme & Kapa Haka

Te Reo

Whaea Tracy is our Kai Arahi. Each class has 30 minutes of Te Reo instruction per week—usually on a Thursday.

There is also an extension Te Reo class. If you wish your child to be part of the extension class, please see the class teacher.

Kapa Haka

Children can opt into this group and they practise one afternoon a week.

The group consists of mainly senior children but if you would like your younger child to be included please come and see us. Parents/caregivers are most welcome.