We have a strong emphasis on Environmental Education and we are a Health Promoting School. We have been awarded several environmental education awards over the years and we have the distinction of being awarded the Green Gold award from Northland Regional Council.

We have an Enviro-group which meets regularly to keep our environment a great place for learning.

If you would like to be involved in our environmental education programmes please contact the office.

Some of our environmental projects are:


  • Garden to Table – this programme is kindly sponsored by Turners & Growers Global.  Through this programme the children learn to grow and care for vegetables and fruit.  They plant and care for plants, harvest the produce, learn how to cook the food and eat what they have prepared. We couldn’t run this programme without the support and help of Garden to Table and Turners & Growers Global.
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Our children problem solved to find a solution to stop the onions hurting their eyes. Planting the seeds into the garden.  Creating muffins with apples off our trees.

  • Edible gardens
  • Picking olives and harvesting them
  • Edible forest and hedge which contain over 20 fruit trees for the children to eat from
  • Chickens – we hatched our own and they are now laying eggs which we use to cook with
  • Recycling – Zero Waste programme
  • Hot house
  • Worm farm
  • Irrigation system
  • Our own beehive which we harvest our own honey from
  • Citrus grove
  • Paper for Trees
  • Power and water ‘police’ to ensure that we do not waste resources
  • Filtered water