General Information


Usually children visit the library at least once a week with their class. The junior classes take home one book, older children two. These must be returned before another book is issued, and all books must be returned before the end of the term. However, Room 8 is currently in the library space. Haylee- our librarian is working with classes to provide a mobile library option.

If you would like to help in the library (when it is back to being a library and not a classroom)—tidying shelves, mending and covering books etc, please let the office know.

Lost Property

This is kept in a big red wheelie bin and on our new hanging racks on the deck beside room 8 (Library). It is almost always full! Please help us to ensure that your child’s property is returned to the correct owner by naming all clothing. This is particularly important during summer and swimming time. At the end of each term, lost property is donated to charity- please make sure you check before the beginning of each school holiday!

Parents Concerns

At times you may have concerns about your child’s progress or behaviour or other matters concerning the operation of the school. Here are some guidelines to help resolve the issue:

  • It is recommended that where possible, any problem should be raised and addressed with the staff member concerned, i.e. if it is a class problem, then initially with the class teacher.

  • If the issue cannot be resolved at its source, then the Principal can be consulted as appropriate.

  • The Principal, at her discretion, will direct any matters of concern to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, or alternatively, a parent or caregiver may write directly to the Board if the concern relates to a matter for which the Board is directly responsible.

  • Written complaints received by the Board may be dealt with by way of an informal discussion with the parent or caregiver concerned, or the Board may form a committee to investigate the matter.

  • The parent/caregiver will be informed of the result of their complaint and any action taken.

School Pool

  • All classes use the pool when the weather is suitable in Terms 1 and 4.

  • Senior classes swim in the morning and junior classes swim in the afternoon.

  • Please name all clothing clearly.

  • Children must have a swimming cap (to avoid the spread of head-lice), and bring their togs and towel to school every day swimming is on. If they are unable to swim for health reasons we require them to bring a not

Wet Weather

The school closes at the normal time (2.30pm) regardless of the weather. On very wet days, children are not permitted to play outside—they can either play board games in their classroom or watch a children’s movie or read a book in the library.

After school, children will wait to go on the buses in:

  • Room 1 (Springfield \ Oakleigh)

  • Room 2 (Beach Bus)

  • Room 4 (Village Bus)

  • Room  11 (Parent pick-up)